The Tell-Tale Heart

Author- Edgar Allan Poe


The narrator in this story is quite good friends with a sweet old man, but there is only one problem... the eye. The old man has a nasty pale blue eye with a thick clear film over it, the narrator does not like the eye at all! He is disgusted by it and it freaks him out! So he decides he is going to end it... for good. He plans out a very well organized murder and cuts off the old man’s head and arms! Surprisingly he doesn’t get caught and it remains a mystery that he, the narrator actually killed his "best friend"...


The conflict in "The Tale-Tale Heart" is that the old man has a gross messed up eye, so the narrator wants to kill him because if it.


The theme in "The-Tale Heart" is don’t judge a person by their looks, because they could really be a nice sweet person. The narrator in this story judges the man because of his eye and shouldn’t have because the man really was a sweet person.


The resolution in "The Tell-Tale Heart" is the narrator kills the old man. The characters qualities influence this because if the old man didn’t have a messed up eye then the narrator wouldnt have killed him. I still do not understand why the "eye" bothered the narrator SO MUCH that he had to kill the old man...