This Week at Voss Farms...

Volume 1 Edition 6 October 19-23, 2020


Visit your local Cane's Restaurant to help our school!

Date: Monday, October 27th

Time: 10:00 am-5:00 pm

Place: 1188 S. Interstate 35 Frontage Road

Make sure you tell them VFE sent you!

Thank you for your support!



Monday, Oct 26th - Be Happy!

Wear Red or a Positive message T-shirt

Tuesday, Oct 27th- Be Brave, Be Strong, Be a Superhero!

Fight against Drugs!

Wear a superhero T-Shirt or cape!

Wednesday, Oct 28th- Team Up, against drugs!

Wear your favorite Team shirt or jersey!

Thursday, Oct 29th- Sock it to drugs!

Wear your favorite crazy socks!

Friday, Oct 30th- Show your true Character! Just say NO!

Dress as your favorite storybook Character!

“Be Happy Be Brave Be Strong”

Morning Drop-off Procedures


Now that we have been in school for several weeks, we have determined and established some procedures for morning drop-off, but need your help in ensuring that things run safely and efficiently each morning.

**Because we only have one to two volunteers and two staff members helping out with drop-off in the mornings at this time, and with more students returning to campus this nine weeks, we are asking parents that drop off in the morning to help us by following the following guidelines:

**Please make sure that your students are prepared to exit the vehicle when you pull up to a numbered spot. Some kids are still eating breakfast, organizing their backpacks and trying to find a mask to put on before exiting the vehicle.

**Due to the few adults helping out in the drop-off line right now, every stop does not have an adult to let your child out of the vehicle. Please teach and encourage your children, once the vehicle comes to a complete stop, to open their car door if possible. I understand some children are smaller and unable to do so at this time, and it may take them some time to learn how to and be able to do this independently, but teaching them will help us move the line along.

**If your students need help exiting the vehicle, please do not park your car at a drop off spot and exit your car, please wait until someone can help.

**For your child's safety. it is not permitted to drop your students off in either the main parking lot, or the parking lot where the bus lane is, and not escort them to the crossing area. Any child dropped off in either parking lot must be escorted by a parent.

**If you do choose to use the bus lane area, please wait to enter that area until after the buses have left. This is usually around 7:10 am.

** Please notice the volunteer or staff member guiding you to the next stop and drive up to the next available spot. Make sure that you are not parking in the crosswalk.

**Please, under any circumstance, do not reverse and try to go around, or drive forward to go around other cars in front of you that may be not moving quick enough in order to get out of the drop-off line. There have been numerous times that our volunteers and students crossing the crosswalk have almost been backed into a handful of times.

Thank you for reading all of these guidelines and making sure that you are doing your part to help us maintain safety for everyone on campus. We appreciate you!

Student safety is always the number one priority at Voss Farms Elementary.

Dismissal Procedures


Just like the procedures in place for arrival discussed above, we have adjusted some of our dismissal procedures to increase our safety and security for all students at dismissal times. With six different dismissal areas, it may take a few more minutes to get your children out to you. However, I will take a few more minutes to ensure the safety of each of our children every day.

Walkers #1 and #2

  • All walkers #1 and #2 will be walked into the gym by staff members at the end of everyday.
  • Each group of students, walkers #1 and #2, will be assigned a section in the gym to sit in, with each student having an assigned area in their respective section.
  • Students will be seated with their siblings.
  • Staff on duty will have a roster to check off each student every day.
  • Walkers #1 will be released first to avoid students being mixed up with others.
  • Walkers #2 will be released after all walkers#1 have cleared the immediate area.

Walkers #3

  • All walkers #3 will be walked into the multipurpose room at the end of everyday.
  • Each student will have an assigned area in the multipurpose room.
  • Students will be seated with their siblings.
  • Staff on duty will have a roster to check off each student every day.
  • Walkers #3 will be released after all students have been gathered.

PTA Reflections Contest...UPDATE

Take a look at this year's PTA Reflections Contest theme! There are also printed forms throughout the school that your child can pick up and take home.

Important note: Parents need to be a current member of the PTA in order for students' projects to be advanced to the district level. If you are not a member, click here to sign!

Submissions are due to the campus level by November 6th.

Entry Forms can also be found at:

Calling all veterans!


We are proud to announce that despite the situation we are currently in, and unable to gather, The Special Events Committee at Voss Farms would still like to honor and salute the men and women of the United States Armed Forces in a special virtual tribute. Please send pictures of your veteran(s) via email to me,, or to school with your student. Make sure to include the following in your email, or with your photo submission to the school:

  • Name(s) of VFE students and relation to veteran(s)
  • Name of veteran
  • Rank
  • Military branch served in
  • Years served
  • Any other important information that you would like to share with us.



Just a reminder about approved face coverings for school.

Approved face coverings

  • Face masks
  • Cloth face masks that cover the nose and mouth and made from at least two layers of fabric
  • Non-medical grade disposable paper face masks that are at least two-ply
  • Face shields which wrap around the sides of the wearers face and extend below the chin to protect eyes, nose and mouth
  • No ventilation devices in mask
  • Gaiters may NOT be worn at all.
  • Bandanas are NOT allowed.
  • Face shields that attach to hats or caps are NOT allowed.