Dw bout it


Welcome to Dw bout it city

Dw bout it city has been existing since 1995. This city welcomes any type of family. This is a very safe and clean city to live in. We want you guys to feel safe and clean in this city so you guys can pass this on to your future generations with no problem. In this city we don't destroy wild habitat or any type of habitat but we need your help. There is one thing that we are scared of. What ever you guys do to this city is going to be past on to our future generations. If you destroy this city the next generation will suffer. If you keep it safe and clean we keep the next generation safe and we all be happy but if you don't you will regret what you have done. Don't let us down.

What is sustainability and how its important

Sustainability is when we are not being harmful to the environment or using up the natural resources and therefore supporting long-term ecological balance. Some examples of sustainability initiatives might include recycling practices, waste minimization, energy use, etc. Sustainability is important because all the choices and all the actions that we make today will affect everything in the future. We need to make sound decisions at present in order to avoid limiting the choices of generations to come.
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Open Space

We want your kids to have a fun time in our city.Obviously they have their studies and everything but it doesnt hurt for your kids to have some fun. We have around 30 parks in our cities and we have fishing areas you guys can to or beaches. The beach is located in the edge of our city and there are parks in every neighbourhood


We have one of the biggest malls on the planet so your guaranteed every type pf store in there. We have outlets of shops ,Community center,theaters,amusement parks daycare,gyms museums and pharmacies. There is more then that just come visit our city and you will be amazed what you will see.


When you guys wake up we dont you guys to worry how you guys are gonna get to work. We provide with you so many options like the local bus,train station,roads and bike lanes
Sustainability easily explained (explainity® explainer video)