By Selena Delgado


  • Live in Kuwait in the Middle East.
  • 29˚N and 47˚E.
  • Capital- Kuwait City
  • 6,880 square miles
  • It's by the Persian Gulf, border line with Iraq, Saudi Arabia.

Breif Heistory

  • Kuwaits are increasingly a minority in their own city.
  • In the mid 18th century members of Utab clan that is now Saudi Arabia, began to settle there.

النشيد الوطني الكويتي - Kuwait National Anthem


  • Emir is the head of the government.
  • Constitutional monarchy with one legislative body
  • The constitution was adopted on November 16, 1962.


  • Muslim
  • Friday is Muslim Holy Day. Everything is closed.
  • Companies close on Thursday, making it weekend Thursday and Friday.
  • Muslim have to pray everyday- at dawn, noon, afternoon, sunset and evening.


  • They live in a Extend family.


  • There is 5 levels.

Traditions Food


  • Arabic.
  • English is widely spoken.
  • Hello- as-salaamo alaykum
  • Goodbye- ma'al salaamo
  • Yes- Ai
  • No- La
  • Okay- Zein, kwayyis or tayib


The ladies will have this type of design on their hand when they get married or special occasion.

Help or Hurt??

The culture has not changed.... Their religion helped them how to respect each other.