Valley Forge

By: Zoe Barber & Alyssa Baugess

Valley Forge

Friday, Dec. 19th 1777 at 9:15pm

Appoximately 20 miles nothwest of Phildelphia

valley forge agenda

- 12/19/1777 ~ Washington`s army marched into valley forge to their camp, tired, cold, and ill-equipted .

- 6/19/1777 ~ the same army emerged to pursue and successfully engage Cliton`s army at the battle in new jersey.

- 2/23/1778 ~ Washington`s army arrived at valley forge from France, he was armed with a letter with a intro from Benjamin franklin.

- 5/6/1778 ~ to celebrate the French alliance America, von Steuben received the honor of organizing the days activities.