Genetic Engineering

Shauntell Hawkins



DNA is a big part of genetic engineering because, anything that has the word genetic is referring to DNA. Genetic is like our characteristics and what we look like. Engineering is the act of putting something together. So the term Genetic Engineering is to put together different genes to make something new. Genetic Engineering is a problem because it creates new unknown, or undiscovered things. It creates things like viruses and diseases. This is also a solution because it means we can create a type of super human that is immune to the disease.

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The Problem

Genetic engineering is defying the laws of mother nature. New diseases and deadly animals can be created as weapons. This isn't good, because what if the wrong person gets a hold of the genetically engineered virus and decide to make a breakout during war or send it to the US. Then we would be digging our own graves pretty much.

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Addressing the Problem

The best way to fix genetic engineering in the wrong ways is to quit giving scientist a reason to do it, or to motivate them to use it in the right ways.Genetic engineering effects alll of the population not just specific species or individual creatures.

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