Religion project


Christians believe in Jesus Christ and his what he teaches. Christianity is monotheistic religion and their holy book is the bible. Most Christians celebrate holidays such as Christmas and Easter. A ritual that Christians do is to pray, or to get baptized.


Islams are called Muslims and believe in five main things, angels, holy books, Ibrahim, Musca, isa, and Muhammad. They also believe in the day of judgement, it is whenever a person is assessed to decide wether to go to heaven or Hell. They also believe that they don't make their own choice, that their god makes them. Allah is the name for the Muslims god. Their holy book is quaran, they also take part in sacrifices sometimes.


Hinduism has no one person who came up with it. There are many people who have added to the bible, it's not like one belief or everyone believes in the same thing, even though most Hindus believe in the supreme god. Most Hindus believe in the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth because of karma. The most celebrated holiday is the festival of lights. Their holy book is Koran. A major holiday is holiday Diwali.


Buddism stands for "The Awakened One." Two major branches of Buddhism are: Theravada ("The School of the Elders") and Mahayana (the great vehicle) this religion is most popular in India and Asia. They belief and karma. Holy book is Tripitaka. The major holiday is Buddhas birthday.


People that believe in Judaism are called Jews, they believe in one god, his name is Abraham. Jewish people believe in the old testament. Their holy book is Torah. One of their major holidays is honika. They avoid violence and they pray and read from the book of Torah.