Northern days

Daily slave papers

slave paper of the week


Dear Brother Jonathan,

I was waiting to be sold and it was almost my turn. I could see the other slaves being sold off in front of me. it was hard to see people getting sold to other people and going away from there family. now its my turn i wanted to run but but i had no choice to say no and run, i had to get sold to a different family. and before me i herd people screaming they were getting a different family than there siblings. when i got separated from my dad i went up in tears because i wanted to be with my dad so i wouldn't be by myself with the other family, but i still ended up alone no matter what i did they would not bye my dad so i wouldn't be by myself and doing all the work my self. and at the house i had to clean up, cook dinner, and do everything there is to do. but then i ran at night and i never got caught because i new some hiding spots that i could camp out in.

interview questions with Frederick Douglas

I was able to talk to Frederick and here is what we said

Deven: How was your child hood

Frederick: Bad because i was always getting beat up

d: did you have more than one job

f: yes i had to pick crops and get cotton from trees

d: who raised you

f: a slave owner

d: when did you run away

f: at night at the age of 20

d: how where you treated as a child

f: bad because i was forced to work

d: where was your dad at this time

f: i don't know i never new my real dad

d: how did you not get caught

f: i acted like a sailor

d: how did you survive

f: i made it look like i was a sailor

d: did you ever get a new mom

f: yes she taught me how to read and write

The story of Harriet Beecher Stowe.

Harriet Beecher Stowe was born in 1811 Connecticut June 14. she wanted to find justice for everyone.

she had seven kids four of them died. she married calvin Stowe in 1849. in 1850 they moved to main. she died on July 1.

her and her family help'd run away slaves. she also wrote a book in 1850.

She began writing when she was 8 threw 13. she met Abraham Lincoln. she began the cilvil war. she help'd with the underground rail road. ∆

That is how Harriet Beecher Stowe became Famous.

How i ran and became free

First i was in the woods and i saw wild pack of wolfs so i went to the road. when i got to the road i made it to the borders to the north. then i was caught and had to go back to my plantation. i got tired of working so i went to the woods. at the woods i got tired and went to sleep. then i went to the road and made it to the borders to the north. then i crossed safely to the north and now Im free.

The big war

July 4, 1863

Dear Mother

The war that i just experienced was a bloody war. It took place in warren country Mississippi. The confederate lost control of the Mississippi river after the civil war. The confederate took a surprise attack in the spring of 1862. The union victories were taken place at champion hill. That is how the war went down hill and became super bloody.

Love your son