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Have you ever wondered what one of the deadliest diseases in the world was? Well it is called Typhus. Many symptoms come with this deadly disease too though. This disease has caused many deaths in the past many years.
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Symptoms of Typhus

The symptoms of typhus all start out with a sudden series of headaches. Then comes chills, fever, and general pains. By the third to fifth day you get rashes and toxemia. That sounds pretty bad already but that's not all, more symptoms are soon to come. Typhus is not just one disease but a group of diseases.

Epidemic Typhus

Epidemic typhus is caused by Rickettsia prowazekii. It is passed on from person to person by the body louse. The louse is infected because of feeding with it's powerful sucking mouth on a person who has the disease. With Epidemic typhus about 10 days after being bitten, the person experiences headache, loss of appetite, etc. After that onset four to six days after a big rash appears all over the body.


Well now you see why typhus is one of the worlds deadliest diseases. Such as the type called Epidemic typhus. Hopefully this passage tought you a little bit about typhus. Now remeber you shouldn't ever over look typhus as any old disease.

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