The History of the iPod

By: Brendan Duffy


In January Apple created the iTunes Digital Jukebox software. Later that year in October they created the first iPod ever, offering "1,000 songs in your pocket."
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In July of 2002 Apple created the second generation iPod. It can hold up to 4,000 songs. The number of iPods sold through 2002 was 600,000.


On April 28th Apple launches the iTunes Music Store, with over 200,000 songs in it. The iPod itself can hold 7,500. They also create the iPod third generation at this time. In October the iTunes Music Store becomes able to be used on Windows. Two million iPods were sold through 2003.
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In January they introduce the iPod mini, which is available in five colors. In June BMW car owners are the first to have iPod integration in there cars. They also unveiled the iPod fourth generation at this time. The number of iPods sold through 2004 was 10 million.


iPod shuffle was introduced in January. In September Apple creates the iPod Nano and it replaces the iPod Mini. In October the iPod fifth generation comes out and it can view photos, videos, and it can also still play music. The number of iPods sold through 2005 was 42 million.
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In September Apple starts selling full length videos on the iPod. Number of iPods sold through 2006 was 88 million.


In January Apple introduces the iPhone. In September Apple unveiled the iPod Touch that had built in Wi-Fi. 141 million iPods were sold through 2007.
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In June Apple introduces the new iPhone 3G, twice as fast as the previous generation. In July the iPhone 3G is staring to be sold. iTunes now has high definition TV shows from many popular channels. There were 191 million iPod products sold through 2008.


In January all iTunes songs are made DRM free. In November Apple announces that there are more than 100,000 apps available on the App Store. There were 250 million iPods sold through 2009.
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Introduces the new iPod Touch with Retina display, FaceTime video calling, and HD video recording. Apple announces that there are over 250,000 apps in the App Store.
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History of iPod



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