The Spark

Lincoln Library: We're Simply Electrifying

Week of August 31-September 4

In The Library

As you may have noticed...the library has gone through some physical changes! The new layout called for a change in book location, and in many situations, a change in genre or theme. that the books are back on shelves, Levi (Mr. Kalsow) and I are working hard to make sure that all of the books are labeled correctly both in the computer and on their spines. This will make it easier for both you and the kids to find the "just right book" you are wanting. To ensure that this goal is met, please keep in mind that as your kids come to library this week the focus will involve:

  • Getting to know one another
  • Teaching procedures
  • Getting them familiar with the new space
  • Student checkout will begin September 8th: For those who have library on Monday afternoon, visit with us and we will reschedule your times during the week of the 8th.

The Intellectual Gymnasium for Teachers

As with every new school year, different things come our way. The first two biggies that I can think of are:

  1. The new Chromebooks that are already in the 3-5 classrooms and will soon be added to K-2.
  2. The Library/LMS arrangement and vision.

I'd like to set up two after school sessions for this week. Of course...treats will be provided:)

Tuesday: Teachers 3-5

  • New Chromebook Usage
  • Student Passwords
  • Acceptable Use Policy,
  • If time...library set up, check ins & check outs, placing holds

Thursday: Teachers K-2

  • Library set up, check ins & checkouts, placing holds
  • New Chromebook Exploration
  • If time...Student Passwords

Just So You Know...

LMS PLC: On Mondays from 3:30-4:30 district library media specialists will be meeting at Miller Elementary, therefore I will be out of the building starting at 3:00 on those days.