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How can iPads best be utilized as learning tools?

The resources below and testimony from world language teachers will offer a starting point for learning more about iPad utilization.

Check out these websites:

Creative Language Class Blog

This is a great blog from some teachers in Jefferson County. This link takes you directly to a search results page for "app" but you might want to check out their other posts too.

Ms. Baumann's Blog

This is an example of one teacher's blog. The reason we included this is to show one option for providing content and resources that could be accessed via iPad.

Evaluating Apps

This is a link to a blog post that includes some sample rubrics for evaluating educational applications. You might want to check this out before purchasing any apps.

iPad App Examples

Busuu - Free

Eleven languages including Spanish and French

Must sign up for account

Choose from vocabulary, dialogue, written and unit review. Also allows practice of skills with native speakers using integrated video-chat tool. Exercises corrected by native speakers.

Babbel - Free

Spanish and French

No sign up

Also offered on the web at www.babbel.com (seemed to take long time to load)

Learn vocabulary be repeating words with pictures. Quiz at the end of each lesson.

Mindsnacks (free for one lesson)

free for one lesson/game, – (in-app purchases are not an option for schools)

Spanish and French

Must sign up for an account

Contains nine games

One of the best education apps of the year! - Apple (Rewind 2011) ★

Learn SPanish App - Free

Learn Spanish Levels I & II with Bueno, entonces...

Free - (not expandable, in-app purchases are not an option for schools)

Brainscape uses a technique it calls Intelligent Cummulative Exposure, in which concepts are introduced in the context of real sentences with material that gets increasingly difficult.

Also available in French.

BidVox Vocabulary Trainer - Free


"Learn Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, and English. Totally fun. Totally free."

iPad - Costs

iPad2 - 10pack - $3790.00 (not sure how much longer the iPad2 will be available)

New iPad - 10pack - $4790.00

iPad Mini - ??? not sure if these are available to us yet or not

App Purchases - The cost for apps will depend on which apps you want. Some, but not all apps are offered at a discount if you order more than 15 licenses. We must purchase apps through the Volume Purchase Plan provided by Apple and managed by the district tech office.

Cases - We purchased the Griffin Defender case from PC Mall Gov for $37.00 each. They might cost more with a smaller order.

Cart - The video below highlights some cart options. This past summer we purchased four carts that hold/charge 30 ipads each. They are not syncing carts, and cost approximately $950.00.

iPad Cart from Anthro - www.anthro.com

From other world language teachers:

Hilary Richardson - Spanish Teacher

  • I love using Quilzet App, whiteboard app, or paper53 for vocab practice.
  • We also use nearpod frequently to tell stories or show powerpoint presentations (these you must prepare on the computer first or upload them from a previously saved ppt.)
  • I use puppet pals to have students record presentations with their voices or toontastic.
  • Also, paperport notes can open any PDF on the ipad for them to take notes.
  • If you want students to record their voice and send it to you via email, clearrecord app is the best and very easy to use.
  • Games that are great on the ipad are Ruzzle in Spanish, duolingo, spanish mindsnacks.
  • If you as a teacher want to make a notes presentation and record your voice, like an instructional video, you can use the showme app or educreations.
  • popplet lite is a great tool to create boxes for conjugation activities
  • Resources that are wonderful are brainpop in spanish, infobae, and el pais for authentic up to date materials
  • Google earth can be very fun if you wanted to research a country

All of these apps are free, but make sure they are paying attention when they purchase the app because many have full versions that do cost money. I hope this helps. Feel free to email me and ask any questions about any ipad apps!

Hilary Richardson - Woodford County High School

Jessica Basanta - Spanish Teacher

I do have a few additions.

  • Haiku Deck is a free app where students can make PowerPoint like presentations.
  • Toontastic is a free app n which students can create a cartoon which they can animate and narrate a story.
  • Socrative is a free app for teachers to do quick and easy formative assessments. It is like a clicker system. Students can answer multiple choice, true false and free response questions. After the quiz, teachers are sent an excel spreadsheet with the data.
  • Notability is my favorite not taking app. It does cost $1.99, but is very worth it. I find it easiest to use and it has the least amount of problems. Students can use it to take notes, annotate PDFs, or record their voice.

There are endless possibilities. One of the best things is simply the quick and easy access to authentic materials. Please let me know of you have any other questions.

Jessica Basanta

Spanish teacher

Woodford County High School

Senora Becker

Our Spanish teacher uses technology non-stop...in fact, she is one of the leaders in our building our 1:1 iPad initiative... take a look! https://sites.google.com/site/jeffwestspanish/

- Senora Becker

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