Google Draw to Drive Your Instructional Practices

Drawings Templates that can drive your instructional practices!

Google Drawings is quickly becoming one of my favorite apps in G-Suite because it is versatile, integrates seamlessly into Google Docs and Slides, and allows you to create some awesome templates that you can use with your students so they can show their work and outline their understanding. As a treat, I have created and adapted some Drawings templates. Each template is designed on an 8 ½ x 11 space, so it takes just one sheet if you were to print it. These designs are stock and need the input of your specific content information to be viable to use with your students and/or in your classroom, BUT the layout is ready for you to ‘plug and play’ your content into! Each provided link will force a copy of the provided template into your Google Drive, so be sure to get them all!

Cause and Effect Sequencer - Great for history class, English class, or Science class alike. The cause and effect sequencer will help your students better understand this relationship between events!

Cornell Note-Taking Template - Great for any and all classes even though it lends itself best to English and History. Students can dissect text to pin-point main ideas and its supporting evidence. This is also a great example of a DRTA (Direct Reading-Thinking Activity)!

Evaluation Chart - Great for item or experiment analysis in Science! This sheet will allow your students to show their thinking about their learning!

Frayer Model Template - An industry standard for vocabulary development across all academic subjects. This lends itself to differentiation very nicely!

K-W-L Chart - Also an industry standard for all subjects. A great way to infuse an entry ticket with an exit ticket, while also getting an intimate view of your student’s metacognition regarding your content area!

Semantic Map/Concept Web - This stands the test of time. Let your students plot out the main idea and make the connections on their own. Lends itself best to English, but can be adapted for any subject area.

Timeline - Great for History and English class. This allows your students to practice an essential skill in being able to sequence events!

Venn Diagram - An industry original for compare-and-contrast activities. Highly adaptable for all subject areas and in a format your students are familiar with already.

Vocabulary Concept Developer - Similar to the Frayer model, but more emphasis on core development of vocabulary conception. Great for all classes!

Vocabulary Term Cluster - An adapted version of the Frayer model, if you will, while allowing your students to make some other connections that the Frayer model may not. Great for all classes!

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