For sale The Noble Gas Sulfur

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For sale now $32,066

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We are selling the electron affinity of Sulfur. Some basic info; the mass of this wondorous element is 32.066, the element number is 16, and so forth and so forth. Now for this who don't know what the electron affinityis; it is a measure of the energy change when an electron is added to a neutral atom to form a negative ion.

The electron affinity is 200 J/Moles.

I would also like to point our for this sale we are only selling the gas form...

Just A little More of The Electron Affinity

The first electron affinity is:

  • X(g) te- ---> X-(g)

The second affinity is:

  • X-(g) te- --> X2- (g)

Electron affinity is a measure for all atoms and molecules in their gaseous state only.

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