Tech Professional Development, #15

Casper Focus


Let's do shout-outs a little differently this week. The biggest shout-out, according to EHS teachers goes to... [Drum roll, please!] ...the Casper Focus app for giving YOU, the teacher, the power to manage student devices in your classrooms!

Matt Jones, Olivia Jones, and Michelle Teat were able to use the app today and are singing its praises! Remember, if you'd like to manage your students' iPads, email me your rosters in an Excel spreadsheet.

Focus Students' iPads Where You Want Them

When in "Attention" mode, student' iPads are essentially rendered useless. Use this when you need their undivided attention.

Q. Will the home button exit "Focus" mode?

A. No, the student's device will stay focused until the teacher removes the focus.

Q. How do I get set up for Casper Focus?

A. Save your course rosters as an Excel spreadsheet and send them to Sara Fenn.

How to Enroll Your Teacher iPad

Email me your iPad's serial # once its enrolled. Settings>General>About>Serial Number.

Other Tech Reminders

  • Video submissions for Digital Learning Week are due Friday, February 12th. (Suggested guidenlines)
  • BLT will meet soon to address teacher concerns regarding iPads
  • If you have a tech PD idea or an opportunity to learn about tech in mind (besides tech PD with me each week) please get with me on that… I’m all about this semester bringing a personalized tech learning experience for each of you.