Neil Armstrong Elementary

Dr. Stevenson's Weekly News- Week 36

What's happening?

Dear staff,

Here are some updates:

  • Happy birthday on Friday to Chuck Kalar!
  • Collaboration meetings for PK-5 will be focused on reviewing aMath and aReading for current grade level students and incoming students.
  • Becca, Scott, Kathy, John, Danielle, and Chrissy all evaluation meetings this week. Please be sure to come with your completed PLP and/or Tier II Year 2 summative paperwork/portfolio. See me if you have any questions. Feel free to email me the paperwork ahead of time.
  • Our staff meeting on Monday at 3:30 is for ALL staff. We will recognize staff for years of service in Bettendorf, talk about our culture plan, etc. We will meet in the library.
  • The attendance/tardy initiative funded a Tier I school-wide celebration for all kids and that the magic/dove show. K-2 kids are in the morning and 3-5 in the afternoon. All will be in the Commons. We also will spend time viewing our Read Around the World video showcase.
  • Great news from Reading Corps and the United Way came on Wednesday! We have been awarded THREE literacy tutors for next year for K-3. Hopefully Becca and Ann will come back :) and we are interviewing a 3rd applicant on Thursday morning.
  • Thursday is our 2nd annual NA PTA cook out. Food service will be here to serve hamburgers, hot dogs, baby carrots, and Rice Krispy tc. and all PK-5 families have an opportunity to eat here in the Commons or out on the playground on blankets or in lawn chairs as well as a chance to join their kids for recess. You are given a duty-free lunch, but I would ask that you consider joining some of your kids that might not have an adult here that day for lunch. It means a lot to the kids.
  • 3rd is gone for a picnic for much of Friday and 5th is gone to the Arsenal for most of Friday. Please make sure you have duties covered, sack lunches, IEP needs, etc.
  • Report cards will be mailed out after the last PD day on June 15th. Teachers will have the afternoon of June 12th to finish them and the afternoon of June 15th. One copy will be sent home via US mail, one will go in the cumulative folder, and one will go on to the next year's teacher. Report cards will be on Infinite Campus next year.
  • May 29th is grade level literacy work in the morning from 8-11:30 at PN. One teacher from each grade level K-5 will attend on behalf of NA as we are still in school. So far I know that Kathy, Kyrie, Patty, Becky, Tisha, and Becca are going.
  • On June 15th, you will have PD in the morning in the library regarding morning meetings/classroom community with a trainer from Rock Island. You also will have a survey to complete for the district that morning. Teachers can leave one early that day.
  • Collaboration weekly meeting updates:
  • June 1st- regular grade level meetings to go over FAST results
  • June 8th- no meetings due to the last week of school

June 1-5

Weekly Plan

Monday June 1

8-9:30 MTSS planning meeting for 15-16 w/Lauren, Holly, Jenni, Carrie, Lisa

9:30-11 2nd grade field trip to the QC Botanical Center

9:40 5th grade collaboration meeting for FAST w/Becca, Scott, Jenni, Carrie, Lisa

10:40 4th grade collaboration meeting for FAST w/Debbie, Tisha, Jenni, Carrie, Lisa

12:45 1st grade collaboration meeting for FAST w/Kyrie, Bonnie, Jenni, Carrie, Lisa

1:45 Kindergarten collaboration meeting for FAST w/Jessica, Kathy, Jenni, Carrie, Lisa

3:30 Staff meeting

6:00 School board meeting

Tuesday June 2

7:45 Behavior Data Team w/Erika, Danielle, Lisa, and AEA

8:35 2nd grade collaboration meeting for FAST w/Patty, Adriana, Jenni, Carrie, Lisa

9:45 Becca DeGeorge PLP meeting

10:15 Scott Berg PLP meeting

10:45 3rd grade collaboration meeting for FAST w/Erika, Becky, Jenni, Carrie, Lisa

1:00 Fresh Fruits Vegetables Program (FFVP) meeting w/Kayla

2:00 Kathy Fry PLP meeting

Wednesday June 3

8:30 John Miller PLP meeting

9-12 Preschool field trip to Niabi Zoo

9:45-11 K-2 Dove Magic Show & Read Around the World showcase (Commons)

1:00-2:15 3rd-5th Dove Magic Show & Read Around the World showcase (Commons)

2:30-2:45 K-4 Fly Up to next grade level teacher (K teachers take 5th graders out to recess)

330 5th Quarter staff meeting in library (all paras and teachers working in 5th Q)

Thursday June 4

8:00 Title I/AI collaboration meeting w/Jenni, Carrie, Holly, Lauren, Lisa

8:30-10:30 Reading Corps interview w/Jenni

10:30 Danielle Breier PLP meeting

11:15-12:35 NA PTA Family Grill Out (all staff are encouraged to eat wi/kids who might not have adults here to eat with them)

1:15 Chrissy Block PLP meeting

2:00 PK collaboration meeting w/Brooke, Jenni, Carrie, Lisa

Friday June 5

7:45 BLT

9-2:30 5th grade field trip to Arsenal Island

10-2 3rd grade class picnic

9:00 Weekly school counselor meeting

10:00 Formal observation of Mallory (Brooke's PK student teacher)

11-1 SPED BD interviews (tentative) w/Kay, Jodi, Danielle, Jenni, Carrie, Ellen

10:45 Weekly office meeting

11-1 BD SPED teacher interviews

2:30 Weekly instructional coaches' meeting

Saturday June 6

3:00 NA Peace Chorus performs at Relay for Life at BHS