Commerical Project-Gatorade

Nico Rennie


This ad is basically all about never giving up and training hard always trying to strive to be better than the competition. The relentless inner drive of an athlete to be the best they can be.

Advertising Strategies

In this particular commercial Gatorade uses the ethos technique by putting superstar basketball players Kevin Durant & Dwayne Wade and others to rep their product. By having him train for a little while then drink Gatorade and train a little more then use another Gatorade product. Trying to prove that drinking Gatorade during your fitness activities will keep you going and help you train harder. They also use a little bit of the "transfer" method too with him using a Gatorade towel while training and at the end it says "Win from within" so that's positive and another strategy they use.
Gatorade Commercial -- Fixation | KD + DWade


Playing Basketball 11 sec

Kevin Waking Up 3 sec

Kevin Running 4 sec

Kevin eating Gatorade energy thing 3 sec

Kevin lifting weights 2 secs

Kevin exercise 2 sec

Kevin Jumping rope 3 sec

Kevin drinking Gatorade 2 sec

Kevin exercising again 2 sec

Kevin doing push ups 2 secs

Kevin drinking Gatorade 2 sec

Kevin lifting 3 secs

Kevin practicing 2 secs

Kevin watching court 6 sec

Kevin playing basketball 13 sec

Win from within 3 secs

Gatorade logo 2 secs


Basketball Court

People wearing basketball jerseys

Athletic attire

Basketball players

Outside on trail

Training at gym


Kevin Durant

Dwayne Wade

Kevin Drinking Gatorade

Kevin Eating Gatorade energy snack

And Working out


Kevin Durant exercising

Playing basketball

Drinking/Eating Gatorade

Switching scenes fast


At Gym Training

Playing basketball at basketball court

Doing athletic activities


Scenes change quickly

Camera angle is straight on and moves around to side sometimes so it changes angles

Shows different Gatorade products

Music starts low and gets higher as the ad goes on then stops when the basketball game comes on


When they have Kevin Durant working out a lot they're trying to make you believe Gatorade products will give you energy to keep training hard. Lots of training and exercise with some Gatorade in between will make you a better athletic person and you will be ahead of the competition like how Kevin Durant came back and scored on the play. And it will help you to play to the best of your ability.

Evaluation and Application

I like how they show him training & then drinking Gatorade & at the end when he comes back & makes the dunk. Some dislikes I have is they only show him and nobody else so I would have shown more athletes using Gatorade products just to boost the credibility just a little more. So if I directed this that's something I would have added to the commercial.


Fixation is a story about the relentless inner drive of athletes to be the best they can be & this ad does a good job of showing that. How in the beginning he gets his shot blocked and then and the end comes back and scores because of all his hard work and training while using Gatorade. So overall I think the ad is great and I would buy it.