All you need to know about Spam...and how to avoid it.

What is Spam?

Unwanted or inappropriate messages sent to many people on the internet.

Email Spam

Email Spam is when companies or promoters email you advertising their product. Even though, their email is unwanted. Email spam can lead to serious affects. The sender could hack into your email and your personal emails.
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How to Avoid Spam

There are a few ways you can avoid emails. Such as:

•filters to remove the spam emails, like gmail.

•getting a fake email address for signing up for websites. This prevents spam email coming up on your personal account.

•not replying to the spam messages. This way they do not know whether or not your email is an actual account run by a person.

•Don't click or download anything attached in an unknown email.

Spam is...

Spam is unwanted messages that are brought to you through the internet. Avoid the messages on your email by not replying, getting a filter, and using a fake email address. This disallows hackers ability to get into your account and persona information.
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