6 Traits of Writing

Lauren Hauser


- is when you choose a topic for your writing that will interest you and others. You can include facts, statistics, and examples.


Organization- is being organized in writing, like the topic and conclusion sentences which are green, the main ideas that are yellow, and the detail sentences which are red or pink. For your topic sentence you may use the 4 core topic sentences which are, a simple statement, a question, a situation stance, and a number statement. Topic sentences are green. Also, the yellow main ideas have to include transition words.


Voice- you need to speak in an engaging way that keeps the reader interested. Make sure it shows your true personality and your way of saying things.

Word Choice

Word Choice- Use exciting adverbs and adjectives, specific nouns and verbs, and a thesaurus to find more juicy words for your writing.

Sentence Fluency

Sentence Fluency- You can combine short sentences together to make them longer, use some short sentences and some longer sentences, and make sure everything flows smoothly.


Conventions- Double check your writing for good punctuation, grammar, and spelling. Also you can edit with a method called C.O.P.S which stands for Capitals, overall appearance, punctuation, and spelling.

6 Traits of Writing- a photostory

Brainstorming, Prewrite, Compose, Evaluate, Revise, Edit, Publish/share= The Writing Process

The Writing Process

Brainstorming-you can brainstorm by doing a web full of all your ideas.

Prewrite- organize your ideas and notes using a T-table. You can also choose your topic sentence with the 4 core topic sentences.

Compose- when you compose it means you write your rough draft. Without worrying about conventions, you can fix them later. This must also be done in complete sentences and not bullet points.

Evaluate- you can use an evaluation sheet to make sure you have good word choice, sentence fluency, and good conventions. Using this evaluation sheet will help your writing flow smoothly.

Revise- revising is when you make changes in your writing like changing words, moving sentences, taking things out, etc;.

Edit- to edit, fix things like end punctuation and capitalization.

Publish- this is when you share your writing with other people.

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This is a T-table you can use this during the prewriting process to plan your writing.