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Our First week in First Grade



Please sign up for Remind. Remind allows me to send quick text reminders, like check the class webpage (Behind the Scenes in First Grade) for updates, tomorrow is picture day. You should have received a text invitation from me on Friday. You can also sign up by texting this number (513) 342-3768 and sending this message @frazie. You will be automatically subscribed to Remind! Thanks to the 8 families who have already subscribed!


Each student has a six digit student number. This number will be used to purchase lunch and to sign onto the computer throughout their senior year. It's an important number to know for school. Please help your child to practice this number, it's easier for kids to remember the number if broken into two sets three digits each set i.e. 222 444 rather than all six digits. If you are not sure of your child's student number you can find it on HAC.

Family Photos

Please send in your family photo with names of sibilings. We all but 4 and I afraid these 4 are feeling a bit left out…;-)

Transportation Home

Thank you for keeping pick up directions SIMPLE and CONSISTENT!

As you know frequent changes in pick plans are difficult for us all, now imagine being a first grader with 125 other first graders all tired and a bit overwhelmed standing in one hall trying to get out the right door to the right place- YIKES! As a team Mrs. Mere, Mrs. Carr, Mrs. Nixon and I split the kids by the way they go home and escort them to their assigned dismissal location. This is a challenge and one we don't take lightly. Please be kind and avoid changes in plans when at all possible!


Need a badge? You can start working on this now!