Happy New Year!

We started off the year with an ambitious all divisions tournament!

We had over 100 participants including debaters, judges, coaches, observers, tournament staff, and volunteers. Thank you for another successful tournament and learning experience.

Tournament 6: Environment and Development

Elementary Division Results

Beginner Speakers

  1. Mehtab B, Greystone Heights School
  2. Jens M, Saltcoats School
  3. Ibrahim H, Greystone Heights School

Beginner Teams

  1. Ibrahim H. & Mehtab B, Greystone Heights School
  2. Tenley M. & Devin P, SHED
  3. Jen M. & Dougal F, Saltcoats School

Intermediate Speakers

  1. Lucas L, Greystone Heights School
  2. Abhinav M, Dr. John G. Egnatoff School
  3. Samuel W, Greystone Heights School

Intermediate Teams

  1. Samuel W. & Lucas L, Greystone Heights School
  2. L.B. & Abhinav M, Dr. John G. Egnatoff School
  3. Jotiraditya G. & J.I, Dr. John G. Egnatoff School

High School Division Results

Novice Speakers
  1. Fizza A, Bedford Road Collegiate
  2. Simrah I, Evan Hardy Collegiate
  3. Taha I, Bedford Road Collegiate

Novice Teams

  1. Taha I. & Simrah I, Bedford Road Collegiate
  2. Abdullah A. & Gurleen K, Bedford Road Collegiate
  3. Fizza A. & --, Bedford Road Collegiate

Open Speakers

  1. Will S, Centennial Collegiate
  2. Rohan N, Centennial Collegiate
  3. Hamza S, Bedford Road Collegiate

Open Teams

  1. Hamza S. & Aditya K, Bedford Road Collegiate
  2. Lucas T. & Sahasro B, Walter Murray/Aden Bowman
  3. Mahrukh H. & Isabelle M, Bedford Road Collegiate

Reflections From Debaters

I like debate because it pushes you to do hard things, and although I don’t always like the feel of it I still do it because I know it will be good for me in the long run. My favourite motion has probably been [this house would] force cars off the road if they’re old. I would recommend this to a friend so they could have the same experiences I have.

-Tenley M, Grade 5, Saskatoon Home Educated Debaters

I absolutely love debate. I have been doing it for three years. Some of my favorite things about debate are that it pushes you to do hard things, because it’s great for the long run. It allows you to always be aware of BOTH sides of [a] case and always have your mind moving and analyzing, which is so important in life in general. I also love the coaches, friends, and people over all. They are always so supportive, and helping you to be the best you can be. I enjoy it immensely and look forward to continually improving as a debater in the years to come. I would definitely recommend this to anyone!

-Peyton M, Grade 7, Saskatoon Home Educated Debaters

Upcoming Events

Tournament Prep Workshop

This workshop is designed to prepare debaters for the upcoming impromptu philosophy tournament. Please come prepared with questions for the instructors.

This workshop is FREE to students who have registered for the January 30th impromptu philosophy tournament.

If you have not registered for the tournament, the workshop is $10. Get more details HERE!

Register by Friday January 22 for Tournament 7

Tournament 7: Philosophy

January 30th, 2021 - All Divisions - All impromptu

Impromptu Speech Workshop

Do you know a grade eight to twelve student looking to Improve their impromptu speaking skills? We've got it covered!

Sunday January 31st, join us for an Impromptu speech workshop. Students will explore “off the cuff” speaking and build skills in public speaking. Students will also participate in a series of fun improvisational theatre activities.

Please come prepared to have your cameras on and participate fully.

Register HERE by Wednesday January 27th.

Debate Academy

We will be launching a third term of Debate Academy in February!

Stay tuned to our website and social media pages for updates. SEDA members will receive an invitation to register for Debate Academy via email.

Bringing MORE Fun into Debate

Got some ideas for fun motions or debate themes?

SEDA is looking forward to providing non-competitive debate opportunities in the future and we would love to get your ideas!

Does pineapple belong on Pizza? Is Marvel better than D.C? Is cake superior to pie? Is Robin Hood a good role model?

Let us know what you want to debate HERE!


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