War of 1812

Nationalism before the war

Nationalism was reflected in the post-War period through increased national pride, an emphasis on national issues, an increase in the power and scope of the national Gov't, and a growing sense of American identity.

  1. In what ways was nationalism present after the War of 1812?

  • Patriotism
  • Political
  • Economic
  • Cultural

After the War

After the war of 1812, the United States moved toward to the creation of a unified national state and by 1830 became a nation-state. Through major changes in infrastructure, establishments of national banks, and the purchases of land, America was developing into its own fully functional and self-sufficient nation.

The National Bank was born....

The National Bank created a standard form of currency and helped pay off the revolutionary war debt. In 1816, there was a second twenty-year charter. It was founded during the administration of U.S. President James Madison to stabilize currency. The establishment of a national bank led improvements in transportation because now roads could be paid for. These Improvements in Transportations were good for communication around the nation, which helped send messages faster. In 1818, the national road started the growing road systems that tied the new west to the old east.