Jean Piaget

Psychology I


genetic epistemology proposes is discovering the roots of the different varities of knowledge. to understand the process of how genetics work, and process. genetics took a large impact on humanity, how people function (children think/see the world)

Life span

was born: August 9, 1896 and died: September 16, 1980. when he was 11 years old he showed interest in his career, wrote a short paper on an albino sparrow. if you think aobut it, 11 and having a job/career must be intriguing to the human mind. Prior to some of his earlier work, he later figured out that children think different than the way adults think. children see the world as growing up fast, as adults see it as wanting to be a kid again. his work made interest in cognitive and developmental psychology.

development stages

stage 1- sensormotor, 0-2 year olds, reflex base and coordinate reflex

stage 2- preoperational, 2-6 or 7, self-oriented and egocentric

stage 3- concrete operational, 6 or 7 - 11 or 12, more than one view point, no abstract problems, and consider some outcomes

stage 4- formal operational, 11 or 12 and up, think abstractly, reason theoretically, not all people reach this stage.

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