Destination Innovation

Sadie Hanger

Civilizations adapt to their environment by exploring new solutions to unique problems

The Olympics Games

The Olympics is a sport that they did every four years! They played it to keep fit for war. They would award the winner of the game a olive leaf crown. Before a competitor could join the games he had to (I said he because woman were not allowed to watch or play in the Olympics!) promise to Zeus. And we still play them today.

The Romans

The Romans didn't have the Olympics! And Romans did many disturbing things. * And stole ideas from the Greeks. They stole boxing gloves but they added on to them by putting spikes on them. And they did gladiator shows.
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Good things Romans did

The Romans did do many disturbing things, but they did give us many amazing inventions that we still use today like, scissors, that you should wear white on your wedding day, magnifying glass, left and right shoe's, roman numerals, and gravel roads.


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Gladiator games was a foul game. It was were a person and a person, animal and an animal, or a person and an animal would fight to the death!! They would dress in armor that would sort of mimic the gods like, Poseidon:helmet with black feathers, trident, net, and a shield with sea weed on it. After the battle, the crowd could decide if the winner would die or not.



The Greeks invented many things. Like Archimedes invented that the sun can reflect off a mirror and burn a ship. He also invented a claw that would pick up a ship and crush it.
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Archimedes was a talented inventor. He invented many things like, a reflector mirror, a claw that can crush ships, a water screw that I think filters water, and much more things even I don't know about. But one time the Romans invaded a Roman solder was sent to kidnap him but not kill him can you guess why? I can tell you, BECAUSE HE WAS A AMAZING INVENTOR!!!!! But Archimedes was in the middle os an invention and he was ignoring the solder. So the solder got mad and killed him! He was punished for disobeying orders. But that could not bring back the amazing inventor Archimedes.


I Learned that the Romans aren't Rotten Romans and Greeks aren't Groovy Greeks, they all are all Rotten Romans and Groovy Romans, and Groovy Greeks and Rotten Greeks. You know why they are rotten Romans because Gladiator games and groovy Romans because they gave us so many inventions that we still use today. And They are groovy Greeks because they were not so violent and had the Olympics that we still use today. But rotten Greeks because to us girls we had no rights until 1920 but that was in America. And I learned that Archimedes Invented The Claw and he burned a ship with a reflection of the sun and a water Cork.(I even learned about who Archimedes was!) I also learned about the Athens and the Spartans. The Athens were more Proper and the Spartans were all war! Fitness! Stuff like that. This unit I learned a lot more about the Greeks and Romans!

My favorite parts

My favorite part was when we did Rotten Roman day and Groovy Greek day. I also loved when we ate Roman food and ate greek food.(I learned that I liked olives!) And I enjoyed doing Roman numerals. I wish this was the unit all the time!

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