Virtual Resume

By Puneet

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S.M.A.R.T Goals

By the end of high school, I want to pass my courses with over 85% average. I will take neat notes and review them at least 2-3 days before tests and quizzes so that I can ask the teacher questions about what I don't understand. I will do all my homework before I draw, watch a movie, dance etc. I will ask the teacher about anything I am not sure about. When I get anything wrong, I will make sure to ask the teacher, or one of my classmates how they got the right answer.

By the end of the summer, I want to be able to volunteer in a food bank. I will get my friends to join me so I don’t feel alone and stop volunteering. I want to get approximately 10 hours a week of volunteering. If I ever need help, I can talk to someone experienced to help me grow comfortable volunteering.

Furture Resume

Puneet Jangla

Address: 1 Direction, Bradford, UK
Phone: (289) 161-2116


Obtain a pediatrician job in a SickKids.


1. Excellent Communication Skills

2. Good team-work communication

3. Great in Organization

4. Speak English, Punjabi, French and Hindi

5. Able to perform tasks

6. Responsibility

7. Dedicated and motivated

8. Compassion & Empathy

9. Very Respectful


York University
Specialization: Bachelor of Science


Residency – Hospital of Pediatrics

Specialization: pediatrics


Hospital of Pediatrics

My work shows how I have been trained well enough to take care of children. I have been able to treat children.


Volunteered at London Hospital for 8 months

My main priority was helping the patient in terrible times, and to cheer them up.


'Reference available upon request'

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Benefits and Challenges of being a Pediatrician

One Benefit for me of becoming a pediatrician is how I can spend my days treating children’s lives. I will have a feeling telling me, how I improved someone’s life. My life mission is to help those the best I can. I get to also work with children. I love children. They are adorable. Being a pediatrician gives me the chance to work with kids. Helping kids gives me motivation as I have helped the next generation of children.

One Challenge is to be emotional strong. In the pediatric field, Pediatricians must be strong with their emotions and to be able to control them. Working as a Pediatrician means seeing children who are sick and treating them. Some children do not make it, depending on the severity of their illness. Pediatricians have to deliver news and development to the patients’ parents, no matter how good or bad it may be. I am n0t great at controlling my emotions. I am terrible at it. To become emotionally strong, I will have to put a positive mind set. Thinking positively can improve and motivate me. I can also learn from my mistakes. Learning from my mistakes will help to trigger my mindset that I made it through something I didn’t do too well on. It will motivate me even more. These ways will help me gradually become emotionally stronger.

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