The school of witch craft and wizardry

About hogwarts

Welcome to hogwarts the school of witch craft and wizardry. For the first time we are doing a brochure to help the first years get around, here you will find everything you need to know, you will have a supply list and a letter. Hopefully I see you this fall.

- albus dumbledore

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Classes at hogwarts

One of the classes is charms with professor flitwick, he probably might be teaching charms this year. A great amount of students say that professor flitwick is rather small. Another class is transfiguration with professor mcgonagal, a great amount of students say that she is strict and clever, I would say that she teaches very well, you will be greatful if you have her.
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Students and professors


Throughout the school year, students will come to the quidditch pitch to watch the quidditch games. They will see students on brooms flying through the air trying to doge bludgers and trying to catch the golden stich. Last year Harry Potter caught the golden stich with his mouth.
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