Thulium is essential for survival

Zombie apocalypse? Why not buy thulium? only $50 per gram!!!

Use thulium for a zombie weapon of mass destruction: a LASER!!!

by: Abe Harder

Order now for only $50.00 a gram!!

Order pre-radiation bombarded thulium as a componet in your zombie laser. All you need is holmium-chromium-thulium triple-doped YAG for your 2097 nm zombie slicing weapon.

Product features and FAQ

It's extremely portable, and can be hauled on a portbale cart which is extremely convenient for a zombie apocalypse. It's relatively available in stock, and is roughly $50.00 per gram, and lasts for roughly one year. It's relatively east to find on Earth, but it's very hazardous to get raw thulium out because of the chemicals involved