November Newsletter

2nd Edition


Halloween is done, October is over and it's time to put this month in the books and start off fresh ! I know we didn't all meet our desired October goals but that doesn't mean you can't make things happen for November !

To start things off, I would like each of you to send me (or everyone if you like) your goals for this month. I also want you to share them with your spouse, significant other, kids, friends, best friend, whoever will listen to you ! Sometimes declaring your goal publicly and making yourself accountable can be the very thing that gets you to that end result.


To tie in with the goal setting exercise above, I want to make sure you are all aware of the latest version of the "WUTS" incentive. They recently changed the reward levels so that you are earning product credit on as little as $2,000 in retail sales from October 1 to December 31st.

Check out the WUTS incentive details at this link: and complete the WUTS tracker to declare your goal not just for November but for the rest of this quarter.

I want all of you to aim for at least $2,000 in sales over the next two months so that you at least earn $300 in product credit you can use to purchase the Spring collection in January.


Welcome to team "Glitterati" ! Cause we can all use a little glitter sometimes. :)

For this month, here are the team incentives I have for all of you. November is the highest selling season of the calendar year so I am challenging each of you to book, sell and sponsor the sh*t out of this month ! As a team, we can all help one another so please feel free to reach out to other team members if you need ANYTHING.

Last year, November was my 2nd month as a stylist and I was in the Top Ten in sales for Canada East with $8,900 in sales. I had 8 trunk shows that month and am hoping to beat that amount this year. I want to help you all too so let's all push each other to have the best November ever !

November Booking Tools


This a great way to increase sales this month and try to qualify before November 15th. Be sure to share this flyer with all your contacts whether they are attending trunk shows or not during this period.


Don't forget to have sponsoring convos with your trunk show hostesses and guests at every trunk show you have this month. Even without the sign-up bonus from October, you can still encourage prospective stylists to sign-up by letting them know about the current incentives and the opportunity to earn some extra income for the holidays.

Your challenge for the rest of the month is to have at least 5 sponsoring convos before per week for the rest of the month. If you happen to sign up a stylist this month, you will receive a tech wallet of your choice from me ! And GO....