Space Astromomer

A Bit About Ptolemy

Ptolemy was of the worlds oldest Astromers.He was not just an Astronomer he was also a Mathatician.He was around 2nd Century.

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Dates of Discoveries

In 140 A.D Ptolemy suggested Mathematike Syntaxis.He was the first person to ever use longitude and latitude line to name the places on the place on the Earth

The Technolgy Used By Ptlomeny

Ptlomeny used the Mathemtike Syntaxis Theory he also used Theory and he used Longitude and Latitude

How Ptlomeny Has Helped Us With Our Knowlegde Today

Ptlomeny was the person who came up with Latitude and Longitude.As you probably already know that is very useful to us today.But he thorught that Earth was in the centre not the sun.