I Want THAT Job

Marine biologist


Marine Biologist, it is the study of ocean aquatic organisms, thier behavior, and there interactions.

Awesome Facts

A Marine Biologist does alot of cool things when working. They track whales, they help seafood industies provide sustainable, and also discover componds to make medications.


A Marine biologist helps the societies a lot. they help seafood industries provide sustainiable food. They thrack whales to learn about behavior.

Skills needed

A Marine biologist needs to have a Bachelors degree or Masters degree. They need to have these in biology,zoology.

Personality for job

A Marine biologist needs to like to be outdoors. They also need to like oceans, creative, and have a lot of curiocity.

Salary or wages

A Marine biologist on average ushally makes $59,330 a year.

Job growth

Since 2010-2020 it has incresed 14% to 20%.

Companies that hire

Companies that would hire you would be National Oceans, Atmosheric Administration, and also aquriams would hire like Montery Bay Aquriam