Stellar Chicks!!!

June Newsletter

Summer time is selling time!

Hello ladies! I know that summer can be a slow season for some of us when it comes to our sales and growing our business! But....don't let a "slow season" slow you down! Summer is the PERFECT time to rock your business! Family reunions, showers, wedding gift shopping, teachers off for the summer! Take every opportunity you have to share your why and your product! With almost 2 months left of this amazing summer catalog, you GOT THIS!!!! Use your tools of TOT (marketing for July and marketing for August) both located on the home page!

June Stats

Sales, Parties, Recruits

Top Sales:

Kaitlin Arnold $3,062.00

Michelle Raezler $1,212.00

Veronica Smith $1062.00

Victoria Hisey $821.00

Debie Hoenshell $590.00

Recruits: 1

Parties: 23

Director Stats:

Sales: 1564.00

Parties: 4

Recruits: 0

Mandy Barclay-Groesbeck, Director

Where to Focus In July!

*Focus on your party! You already have an audience there! Plant seeds for booking, selling, and recruiting at your parties! You should include these in your presentation

*July has a $5 special, ladies! FIVE DOLLARS! Gotta rock this!

*Make sure you are aware of your guests and customers' life stages. Make our products appropriate for them and where they are in their lives!

*Book, book, book for Ready, Set, Sell! August 1-15 is our earning period for A LOT of FREE fall product and business supplies! Please see for details :)