Media Literacy Final Project

By: Megan Dorsey

Internet Privacy

Advantages & Disadvantages:

  • You can use the internet to talk to friends and family who live far away.
  • You can use it to advertise businesses or products.
  • You never really know who you're talking to.
  • You can get bullied or hacked online.

What to keep private online:

  • your address
  • your phone number
  • your school

What a post can do to your reputation:

  • It can prevent you from getting into college or getting a job.
  • It can effect the way people think about you.
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What is cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying is when someone bullys someone using the internet, social media, texting ect.

How does cyberbullying escalate?

When nothing is done and the bully sees the victim's reaction.

What to do if your being cyberbullied?

  • tell a trusted adult
  • don't respond with negativity
  • report the bully
  • find support groups

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Persuasive Advertising

Both of these ads are focused on their product. The advertisers are trying to get their consumers to get their product. The ad is trying to target everyone.

Body Image & The Media

I think that digitally manipulating photos is wrong and companies shouldn't do that. I think it gives kids standards that they can't live up to so they think they aren't good enough which can cause them problems later in life. It may make them think that there is something wrong with them because they aren't the way the media portrays men, women, kids, ect.
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Violence in the Media

Kids seeing violent events occur and then recover very quickly with a "happily ever after" ending could be a negative effect on children. It could make kids think that its okay to do bad things and that everything will always end happily when in reality it could not.
I partly agree and partly disagree with the statement: violent video games and movies teach kids to kill. I think that this could teach kids to think that these things are okay but, I also think that the kids are okay to watch these movies with the supervision of a parent. That way they can explain to the kids that those things are bad and they are not okay things to do.

Media Usuage

If I had to go a week with out a device, website, or app the hardest one for me to give up would be my phone. It would be the hardest for me to give up because I use it for everything, I use it for my calendar, reminders, alarms, communicating with people, and other things. This tells me that it plays a very important role in my life.
I think that teenagers sometimes feel like they need to present themselves in a certain way because they feel like if they don't they won't fit in. I think that it is a little bit different for boys because they have to present them selves different than girls do and I don't think they get judged as bad as girls do.
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