French Broad River Basin

By: Austin Gunter


  • The mountainous region of North Carolina
  • Stretches from the Tennessee boarder to the South Carolina boarder
  • East North Carolina

Major Cities and Counties

  • Asheville is located alongside of the French broad river
  • There are a total of 8 counties that are inside the river basin

Source region and Drainage region

  • The main stem starts off in Rosman North Carolina
  • It drains out in western North Carolina, along with 9 other river basins

Total Square Miles of Land and Water Flow

  • Water flow lasts for 3,985 miles
  • Land size is 2,829 miles


  • 485,140 people

Tourist Attractions

  • Pisgah National Forest
  • Mount Mitchell
  • The French Broad River

Animal and Plant Species

  • Animals- Bobcat, White tailed deer, Brown Trout
  • Plants- Lilys, white oak tree, blackberry bush

Water Quality

  • Generally good except for a few low lying areas

Sources of Water

  • The french Broad River and the streams that run into it

Pollution Prevention

  • Hydro electric Dam power
  • Filtration systems in the water shed that provide drinking water to the surrounding areas

Fun Facts

  • The Native indians called the French Broad River "Long Man" and its tributaries "Chattering Children"
  • The Settlers Of North Carolina were surprised at the rivers sheer size and thundering rapids
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