Field Day

Morning Activities

Fear Factor (behind gym)

A group of contestants is challenged to perform a number of terrifying and/or disgusting stunts, such as eating something really nasty. If a contestant refuses a challenge, fails in a challenge, or has the worst performance in a challenge, that contestant is eliminated from the competition. The contestant (or team) that manages to complete all of the stunts, including finishing the final stunt in the fastest time, wins!

Twizzler Tie Up (behind gym)

The goal for each team is to tie the Twizzler into a knot (a simple loop that is pulled together is fine). The catch is that they must work together as a team, but each participant can only use one hand. The first team to tie up all ten Twizzlers wins!

Wii Activities (Cafeteria)

These activities, such as Just Dance, which will give your body a serious workout, all while making you smile and maybe even tickling your funny bone!

Kickball (field)

Players on the batting team kick an inflated rubber ball to advance players around the bases and thus score runs. The team with the most runs after a predefined number of innings wins.

Street Hockey & Basketball (small b-ball court by cafeteria)

Street Hockey or Ball Hockey is just a variation of the sport of ice hockey where the game is played on foot. Who has the fastest moves?

Basketball- in case you did not know- the objective is to shoot the ball through the hoop for your team to win!

Obstacle Course (by swimming pool)

This is a series of challenging physical obstacles an individual or team must navigate while being timed. The obstacle courses will include running, jumping, crawling, balancing, and a shooting component to test speed and endurance.

McDonald's Walk

Walk to McDonald's for a treat. Bring your own money for this activity. Meet outside of gym entrance by the field.

Photograph Scavenger Hunt (back of gym entrance)

All team members must be in every photo (except for the person taking the picture); Each team can only turn in 20 photo's; no repeat photos! For example, you can’t take two pictures in a squad car for combining items into one photo; no combining items into one photo- for example, taking a picture jumping rope while wearing cup hats is not counted as double points.

Nature Scavenger Hunt (outside of cafteria)

Get a list from Mrs. Cyr or Ms. Babin to find the au' naturel items on your list!


Pretty much the most awesome workout ever. Dance to great music, with friends, and have a great time with Bianca leading you through the moves!

Ultimate Frisbee (field)

Pass the Frisbee to your teammate to score and "ultimately" win!

"I just remember one time running for a pass and leaping up in the air and just feeling the Frisbee making it into my hand and feeling the perfect synchrony and the joy of the moment, and as I landed I said to myself, 'This is the ultimate game. This is the ultimate game.'"

Nails by Maureen (by back gym entrance)

Have your nails painted by Ms. Maureen- many colors to choose from!