Events While Jackson's Presidency

Charles Ashton

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Indian Removal Act

The law removed Indians from their territory.This Event Opened up spots for Frontiers Men to settle and search for gold in Georgia. Georgia gained land from this and also gained gold. The Cherokee where mad at U.S. for taking their land and challenged them in court and won. But, Jackson ignored the Supreme Court and moved them away.

"Spoils System"

This is where a president gives his supporters jobs and positions in government supporting them in the campaign. This became unfair fast because most people didn't get their jobs. Unfit people got high ranking jobs in government from the president and make bad choices.

Nullification Crisis

South Carolina didn't want to pay the tariffs put on by Jackson. The tariffs, tax on imported goods, made the already expensive produces even more expensive. S.C. threatened to secede but Jackson passes the force bill saying that he can move the army into S.C. Henry Clay comes up and negotiates with S.C. and the Government and they come halfway, Government lowers tariffs and S.C. agrees to pay the tax.