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November 17, 2014


Please take a look at this week's 6th grade newsletter. Read on for 6th grade news, information about upcoming assessments, school news, and a few fun photos highlighting your child's time at school!

Upcoming Assessments

Check Schoology for more details. Email your student's teacher with specific questions.

ELA (Grade Level):

  • Vignette rough drafts due Thursday, 11/20, formative grade
  • Vignette final drafts due Tuesday, 11/25, summative grade

ELA (Acc):

  • Greek Roots Notebook Formative Monday, 11/17
  • Interview answers Tuesday, 11/18
  • Three vignette rough drafts Formative Thursday, 11/20

Math (Grade Level): Chapter 5-Part 1 Retake will be Thursday, November 20

Math (Acc): Course 2- Chapter 1 Test will be Friday, November 21

Science: Science will have an assessment on characteristics of animals, dichotomous keys, invertebrates and vertebrates on December 5th. Check Schoology for sample test questions, quizlets, and study guides in the upcoming day

Social Studies: At the end of the day on Monday, students have to submit their PSAs to Schoology as an assignment for their summative grade.

World Language Novice A French/Spanish: None

World Language 6th French Immersion: None

World Language Novice A Latin: Summative Assessement (Roman Family Project) is due on Friday, November 21.

World Language Novice B2: Finishing Assessments

World Language Novice B3: None

World Language Novice C2: None

World Language Novice C3 Spanish:

IPA 14.1 Wednesday- Friday

Read and answer questions

Interpersonal conversation about illness/ injury

presentational speaking about illness/ injury

6th Grade Expedition: Me to We

Social Studies Case Study

Last week, students worked in groups to create their Ebola PSA's. We are super impressed with their hard work, and they have some amazing products to show for it! Thanks to our families for sending in so many great props!

ELA Case Study: Who Am I?

Students in ELA class began drafting their vignettes and conducting their interviews. Students should all have final drafts to share next week. Ask your gator for a look at their writing!

Me to We: 6th Grade Pulsera Project

This past week the Novice A Spanish classes held the sale of their pulseras (bracelets in Spanish) and were able to raise $4,030 to help improve peoples' lives in Nicaragua. The artisans who make the bracelets are able to receive a fair wage in a country where 80% live off of less than $2 a day. Not only does this lift the artisans out of poverty, but it also funds education as well as homeless shelters to get people off of the street. MGM students have done a fantastic job helping those in need! Thank you to Senora Carter and Senor Ward for your hard work in organizing, as well as to the parents who volunteered their time to help out with the sales!

Way to go Gators!

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Thank you for sharing your children with us each day!