A Night Divided

by Jennifer A Nielsen Presented By Davis Correia

lots of security

there is a lot of security here in the east. the wall protects us from what might be on the other side. there are guards around every corner armed with knifes and guns from head to toe.

well if you try to leave you will have get past the death strip and barbed wire and the big huge concrete wall so good luck. :)

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gerdas thoughts

i don't recommend moving here the food is bad the guards are mean and you cant get out when you are in the wall. i got caught just looking in the west luckily i didn't get shot by the guards huge rifle on his back but he did say if he caught me looking into the west again he wouldn't be as nice as he was today.
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fritz thoughts

me my mom and gerda are struggling here in the east. everything is better in the west and we are really trying our best to escape. i was just working when suddenly the stasi pulled up and took me to a secret area to interrogate me for something i didn't do.

the cops cant be trusted here. the stasi is a secret organization that try to stop crime they are worse then the normal cops they use torture and lots of force to get their way and to ruin peoples lives.

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gerdas and fritz mom thoughts

I thought we were going to live a happy life not be caged in like animals in a zoo. almost everyone is sad and depressed because almost everyone has at-least one family member in the west and they cant see them ever again. we had a full happy family but then the wall split us up and now we cant see each other again. they made the wall so escape pruff every time someone tried to escape they would ether get caught by the stasi or get killed by the wall or the border guards.

The Wall

The wall is made up of three layers the gate,the death strip,and the main wall. the gate is a small barbed wire fence that is that leads into the death strip the gate is really tall and is electrified so no one would try to climb it. The death strip is a long dirt path inside the gate and the main wall the dirt is soft so if you try to sneak out at night the next day they would see your foot prints and try to track you down and in the middle of the strip their were people with dogs and guns to see if someone was trying to escape. The main wall is a giant stone wall with huge watch towers with people with huge guns and spotlights, and at the top of the wall they barbed wire so don't even think you can climb it.

the houses

The houses were mainly the color grey and black nothing too exiting and all the things inside were mainly the same things a tiny kichen 2 to 3 beds and a couch.

the markets/stores

the markets are mainly empty you would find nothing then frozen food that you cant cook or moldy fruits and vegetibles. and if you were lucky you could find newly cooked deer that was the only good things in the stores.
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