JEH's Smoothie Bar

By: Jazmyn Jarret, Ellie Tjelmeland, & Hannah Blanshan

Six Business Activities:

  1. Generating Ideas: Our love of smoothies has given us the idea to open an organic smoothie-making business. We developed our business, JEH’s Smoothie Bar, by trying many different smoothie recipes and by buying the healthiest fruits, vegetables, and other “secret” ingredients in our famous smoothies. We strive to have the best organic smoothies in the U.S., and needed to know information about our competition. We searched the market for competition in our area by using the internet to scout out the other organic smoothie businesses.

  2. Raising Capital: We put in $20,000 of our own money. It costs us an average of $3 per medium smoothie. Our customers pay $4.25 per medium smoothie. So we make $1.25 per medium sized smoothie.

  3. Employees & Training: As owners, we need amazing employees to be able to recreate our masterpieces. We have strict procedures while recruiting, hiring, and training our employees. In order to hire our employees, we make them go through smoothie classes, which are taught by us. If they fail our smoothie class, they obviously are not going to be hired, but if they exceeded above our expectations, they are hired!

  4. Buying Goods & Services: At JEH’s Smoothie Bar, you will be in awe of the healthiest and organic ingredients around. We get all of our fruits and vegetables from many local farms in Illinois. We love buying local so we can do our part to help small farms. Our organic fruits and vegetables are the best because there are no pesticides on them. They also grow in much healthier soil, water, and wildlife.

  5. Marketing Goods & Services: We have a Facebook page, Instagram Account, and Twitter account. Also, we are in many newspapers, including the Illinois Times. We are located in the downtown area of Springfield, Illinois.

  6. Maintaining Business Records: One of the co-founders keeps track of all of the money and the sales records, so that they don’t have to hire anyone to do that for them. That way we can always know where our money is and have someone who we truly trust to keep track of all of the records.


  1. We want our shop to be the number one organic smoothie bar in Illinois over a one year span, and eventually the U.S. during a 8 to 10 year span.

  2. We would like our customers to give us a 90% rating for the quality of our smoothies and for the great atmosphere at our smoothies shops.

  3. To receive perfect scores when examined by the health department. We will do "whatever it takes" to follow procedures, rules, and regulations to achieve these perfect scores.

  4. Make sure that every customer has a great experience in our smoothie bar and are happy with the products that they receive, to show how important it is to eat clean, and be active daily to our workers and customers.

  5. To make sure that our employees are hard workers and that they treat the customers and other employees with respect.

Sole Proprietorship/Partnership/Corporation:

Our Business is a Partnership between three people. JEH’s Smoothie Bar was pretty easy to start since there are three owners. We like the fact that we are our own boss. Being responsible for key business decisions and functions, is also a great advantage. A disadvantage to our partnership is that the three of us are liable for debts if our business would fail.

Policies & Procedures:

All of our employees have to take some training, They need to be very familiar with fruits and other ingredients, and they need to be quick but neat when they create a smoothie.


  1. Employees can only have a three week holiday annually.

  2. Employees can only have 4 unexcused absences.

  3. No profanity!

  4. Employees have to have good hygiene.

  5. Employees have to wash their hands after using the restroom (no acceptions!)

  6. No substitutions

  7. Workers cannot be on their cell phones, unless they have permission (for emergencies).

  8. "Employees only!" sign (no acceptions). If an employee allows a customer or non-employee behind the counter, they will be suspended. If it happens more than once then they’ll be fired.


  1. Come to work, fully clothed in your uniform, clean, and awake.

  2. Wash your hands.

  3. Make the place look open and alive.

  4. Make sure that there’s enough ingredients for the day.

Mission Statement:

JEH's Smoothie Bar is a spunky, shop aimed at offering high-quality, lowly priced, smoothies using only natural ingredients. We view ourselves as partners with our customers, our employees, our community and our environment. We aim to become a regionally recognized brand name. Our goal is moderate growth and annual profitability.

Our amazing products:

Come to our smoothie bar!

You will not be let down by our amazing smoothies and great atmosphere! At our store, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the atmoshpere.

Where to find us!

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