Baylor University

Is Baylor Right for YOU?

Baylor is the largest 4-Year Baptist University in the world, located in Waco Texas.

Baylor is a private , urban, institution founded back in 1845.

The tuition price is about $36,360, and Room-and-board is $11,309; with the overall total landing around $51,538. Baylor is definitely more expensive than most other universities, that is something to think about when considering applications.

Baylor is a Medical University that offers majors such as Biology, Psychology, Nursing, Accounting, Finance, and Pre-Med.

When it comes to admission requirements, Early action deadline is November 1st, and regular admission is February 1st.
The test scores required are a 24-30 On the ACT, and 1140-1310 for the Sat, with a minimum GPA of 3.0.

Baylor does offer financial aide, and 92% of Baylor's students receive some form of aide.

This school offers many activities, and clubs that could also be based on medical interests such as The Medicine-Pediatrics interest group, or The Medical student association.

If you are interested in some of the many things Baylor could offer you, Schedule a tour any day Monday-Friday and check it out!

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