"iPads for Teaching and Learning"


What about special needs and accessibility features?

The article below explains how special needs students benefit from using iPads in the classroom. iPads can be used for educational purposes, as well as a therapeutic device for students with disabilities.

iPad features can impact the future.

The article below describes the different iPad features for teachers to use in their classroom and how to incorporate apps in their curriculum.

Tips, Tricks, and Resources

The site below explains how teachers can use iPads effectively in their classroom. Kathy Schrock provides different tips, tricks, and resources for teaching with an iPad.

Could iPads level the playing field for all students?

The article below illustrates the tremendous impact that iPads have had in improving the education for students around the country.

Advantage of using iPads in the classroom.

The site below describes how to easily use iPads in the classroom. Anne Laure Bazin (Assistant Head Teacher at Mounts Bay Academy) expresses that an advantage of using iPads in the classroom is the improvement in communication.

What's so cool about iPads?

The website below explains why iPads are the next big thing in education and why teachers should jump on board by bringing iPads into their classroom.

What can you do with an iPad?

One thing teachers can use an iPad for is embedding it into their curriculum. The article below illustrates how Mr. Andrew incorporates iPads into his curriculum.

How to use iPads the smart way.

The article below shows how teachers can use iPads effectively in their classroom to get the most out of each student.

Why are schools jumping on the iPad bandwagon?

Schools across the country are jumping on the iPad bandwagon everyday due to the benefits iPad's bring to the classroom.

iPads increase productivity.

All aboard the productivity train! The site below explains how iPads increase productivity among today's students in the Elementary classroom.


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