Making For a Purpose

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The second annual Wayne RESA Maker-STEM Summit will engage participants in the maker mindset of “learning through doing” and ways to expand maker and STEM opportunities for students. Attendees will learn from educators who successfully integrate making into their teaching. They will explore maker-centered tools and trends, gain valuable resources, collaborate with maker-minded educators, and learn about partnerships available across the state to help build capacity for hands-on learning. If you’re interested in the maker movement and finding new ways to infuse hands-on learning within your classroom or school, then the 2020 Wayne RESA Maker-STEM Summit is for you. 5 SCECHs available.
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Thanks to the MiSTEM Network, registration for this event is FREE!

Wednesday, March 25th, 9am-3:30pm

20900 Oakwood Boulevard

Dearborn, MI


Contact Judy Bowling at or 734-334-1545.