Career Project

By: Stephanni


I have a brother and a sister who live in Tyler, Texas. My sister is 17 and my brother is 6 years old.


I like hiking, fishing, and camping. I also like four-wheelers and playing outside. I like designing things and playing instruments. I could be an interior designer.

My Personality

I am head strong and brutally honest. I am loyal and protective. I respect people who deserve my respect and I sometimes come off as being rude when really I am being truthful. My Holland personality score is :Realistic: 9, Investigative: 3 *lowest, Artistic: 7, Social: 9, Enterprising: 11 *highest, Conventional: 6. My Myers Briggs personality score is EOTJT.

My skills/ Things I am good at

I am great at playing the cello. I am also good at playing the saxophone. I am good at baking. I could be a professional musician or a cake baker/decorator.

My Multiple Intelligence

I have musical, interpersonal, and kinesthetic strength. I would be a good musician, conductor, or producer. For Interpersonal I would be a coach, counselor, or a clergy. For kinesthetic I would be a actress, dancer, or athlete

My Values/ Beliefs

My life values would be temperance, vision, and loyalty.

My work values would be self-control, stability , and boldness.

My Career Cluster

The Career cluster that aligns with me would be the Arts, Audio, Video Technology, and Communications.

Careers would be:

  • Interior Designer
  • Photographer
  • Professional Musician

Activities inside and outside of School

During School I participate in the Orchestra and Band. I play cello and tenor saxophone. I also do track. I run the 800 meter.

Outside of School I participate in Jazz Band and Cello lessons. I also do Chamber Orchestra and FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America).

Ways To Improve

I would like to get better at being friendly. I am known for being too straight-forward with people. I also need to improve on being better with numbers. I do not like math and I am not very good at it either. Another way I could improve is to be quiet. I probably talk way more then I should, and I need to learn to keep my mouth shut on some subjects.

My Happy Traits

  1. I like that I am funny.
  2. I like that i can wake up in the morning and not have to worry about what i am going to wear, I'm not really a fashionista.
  3. I like that I have a strong personality.

Bucket list

  • I will go to Scotland someday.
  • I will go deep sea diving.
  • Go to a marti gras parade.
  • Have a pet horse.
  • Have 3 kids.