By : Eyal and Adi

Functions of Respiratory System

First you breath in with the help of the diaphragm and other muscles in your chest. Next, when your diaphragm pulls down it leaves more space for the lungs to expand. Then, lowers the internal air pressure. Outside where the air pressure is greater you suck in air/inhale the air. Then the air expands your lungs like balloons. When the diaphragm relaxes the cavity inside your body gets smaller again. Your muscles squeeze the ribcage and your lungs begin to collapse as the air is pushed up and out your body in an exhale.

How the Respiratory System works with the Musculatory System

The Musculatory System and Respitory works together when you breath the diaphragm and other muscles work together to pull in the stomach when you breath in air. For your muscles to function they need oxygen which in received from the Respiratory System.

What can go wrong

Your muscles can stop working by having a disease called Muscular Dystrophy. If your muscles stop working you can die because your heart is a muscle. You can stop breathing by having lung cancer this is bad because then you die.