Preparing for Digital Learning Days

Get Ready. Get Set....


As we move into the time period for potential school closings due to inclement weather, we should be prepared that a 4th or subsequent day of school closure will be declared a Digital Learning Day, with school and learning continuing that day through our digital resources.

Digital Learning Day Information Course Page

Staff Expectations

Certified Staff

Make yourselves available for student support during school hours (via phone, discussion boards, email, etc). This applies to any staff members that would be posting assignments for the students to work on. This does not mean sitting in front of your computer for 8 hours...just check periodically for any questions. You will need a total of 4 hours dedicated to school related work. It could be working in eClass, Lesson Planning, or OnDemand learning opportunities.

Any certified or classified staff that would not post assignments would need to complete the required PD&E course- More info to come on this...

This would include: special areas, parapros, front office staff, etc.

Guidelines to Follow:

1. Post lessons on your course page by 9:00 am on the day of. If you are unable to post your assignments please have a buddy teacher that you can contact to post for you. Please email Kathleen who your buddy teacher will be ASAP, and she will add them to your course page so they have access. If your buddy teacher does not have access either, notify Kathleen (678-548-7630) and she will post them for you.

2. All Lessons should be posted in a module clearly labeled as Digital Learning Day.

3. Create a Discussion Post called Digital Learning Day Questions and monitor it for questions from students. be sure to link this post to your module so students can find it easily.

4. Post a News Item telling students/ parents where to go for lesson information. A quick link to the module would be the easiest way.

5. A lesson should be provided for each subject area taught.

6. Activities should take approximately one-half to one class period to complete. (For example, ES students should have about 4 hours of work for the full day's activities)

7. Activities should be aligned with the content on the calendar for that day/week.

  • Grades K-2 may pre-create lessons based on AKS that needs reviewing, or on current AKS
  • Grades 3-5 should post lessons based on current AKS
  • Some households will have multiple students trying to use the same computer. Simple, combined/multi-subject lessons would be helpful. A science video with a writing piece can count for science and writing activities.
  • Consider having some work done on paper/ offline.

8. Use the Sample Course page activities as a starting point if needed. But remember to use a combination of online and offline activities.

9. Use my eClass student portal resources as supporting activities and materials.

(e-textbooks, Classworks, Leveled Readers, Online Research Library, Moby Max) Please include a variety of activities and stay away from assigning a Moby Max lesson for each subject.

10. You should take a grade for some or all of the Digital Learning Day activities. Please be consistent with your grade level on the amount of activities you are grading for the Cyber Day.

11. Should a student not have access to the activities, please allow them time at school to complete your assigned work.

Suggestions for Special Education Classes:

Direct link to the course page (must be logged into Portal)

Lesson Suggestions

Uploading Unique Curriculum to eClass

Please feel free to contact Kathleen at any point during a Digital Learning Day!