How to

Find and Add Lesson Plans to the Shared Drive

Finding the Shared Drive

1. Go to Start Button

2. Choose "Computer"

3. Double click the S: Drive (this is the Shared Drive)

Where your Lesson Plans Go

1. Open the Shared Drive (see steps above)

2. Choose "HMS" folder

3. Then choose "Lesson Plans"

4. Open appropriate folder to your subject (ex. if you teach Math open the Math folder)

How to Add Lesson Plans to the Appropriate Folder

1. Go to Start Button

2. Go to the location of the saved lesson plan

3. Right click on lesson plan you want to upload and choose "Copy"

4. On the left hand side now choose "// S:" (it is located beneath the heading Computer)

5. Next open up the folder where your lesson plans go (see steps above)

6. Right click and choose "Paste"

Your Lessons Plans Will Now Be Successfully Added To The Shared Drive!