IELTS exam

7 tips to help you prepare for the IELTS exam

Are you planning on taking your IELTS exam soon? We know you’ll want to get the very best result you can, so to make your exam prep easier and more effective for you, here are some handy tips to make studying for the IELTS a breeze! Read on and avoid the stress of having to worry about the exam!

Preparation Focus on your weaknesses, but don’t forget your strengths either! It’s important to spend lots of time to polish up on the most difficult parts to ensure you tackle any problems before your exam, but it’s also a good idea to review the parts you feel confident about too, to make sure they stay fresh in your mind.

Practice makes perfect, so do as many practice exercises before the actual IELTS exam. Look at the answers carefully to try and spot potential pitfalls.

Listening is one of the important skills you’ll need to use in the exam – to prepare for this part of the test, read the questions before the recording actually starts. This will give you some useful clues to look out for.

Reading exams can be one of the easiest parts of the IELTS test, if you prepare well. Practice reading lots of exercises before the exam and do it under test conditions. Remember that you won’t need to recall anything new for this part – everything you need is already in the excerpt.

Don’t worry too much if you don’t understand every single word of the reading part – time is valuable so don’t waste it if you get stuck on anything! Just move on.

When you get to the writing part of the test, plan your answers before your start writing to make sure you structure your response well. By organising your thoughts beforehand, you can make sure you get all the details correct.

Last but definitely not least, rest up properly before your exam! Have a healthy dinner and a good night’s sleep the day before your exam to make sure you are well rested. Don’t try to do any last minute revision before the IELTS exam – this will only spoil your concentration!