The Road To Rio ...

Grades 4, 5 and 6 Sports Day

St. Joseph's Institution International Elementary School

The excitement is mounting ...

... as we approach the week of the Grade 4, 5 & 6 Sports Day which takes place on Wednesday 18th May, at Clementi Stadium. The children have waited a long time since the original date which had to be postponed due to the haze. They have been working hard during their PE lessons to improve their times, heights and distances in a range of events. We are harnessing the buzz and excitement of this summers Rio Olympics and will be opening the Sports Day with a Samba-style Opening Ceremony and House Parade.

This week will see all classes making their final selections of events with many children taking part in the High Jump prelims which are being held at lunchtimes.

The Events ...

This year we are using Track and Field Meet Manager (as in the ACSIS champs) and once the children have completed their event selection, and the meet program is finalised, this will be shared with parents and competitors so that you can see what event your child is participating in and approximately what time they will be competing during the morning.

Results can be accessed live using the Track Meet Mobile App - particularly useful for those who may not be able to attend on the day but wish to keep track of their child's performance. If using the App, please search for SJIIES/SportDays/2016.

The Competitors ...

This is one of the biggest House competitions of the year for our older students and the day promises to be full of unity and determination as our houses battle to score as many points as possible throughout the morning. The students will have the opportunity to really show their excellence this year competing in a stadium which we are sure will bring out the very best in each of our competitors and will add to the wonderful spirit and identity of our Houses.

Competitors will select 4 events, (1 x jump, 1 x throw, 1 x run and 1 other). Selection for relays will be based on 80 m sprint times on the day.

Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be presented for each grade event throughout the morning and all competitors will achieve points for participation which will contribute to the final house tally.

Overview of the day ...

We will be transporting the children to and from Clementi Stadium via buses which be departing SJII at 8.15 am. We aim to arrive back at SJII at 2.00 pm.

Parents who will be attending the Sports Day have the option to take their child directly to the Stadium. We are also giving parents the option to take their child home at the end of the event. To take up either/both of these options, we require that you notify us here in order to ensure that we can run to schedule.

Once children arrive at school, they will be met and registered by their class teacher, they will then by directed to their bus and once all children have arrived the buses will depart for Clementi Stadium. Buses will leave school by 8.15 am at the latest so please ensure that children are timely on drop-off.

Families and friends are very welcome and we encourage you to come along and support your child. Together with your children, we would LOVE to see you there, so please do try to come along and soak up the ‘samba atmosphere’!

Clementi Stadium has a covered and shaded seating area where the children and spectators will be based. Children will be sitting in their houses under the supervision of the class teachers. For each event there will be spectator areas designated and we would appreciate that people stay within these areas to ensure the safety of all our competitors and spectators alike.

On The Day ...

We ask that all children wear their PE Kit and bring along a small lightweight bag containing:

  • Water bottle
  • Hat
  • Sun Block
  • Snacks & lunch
  • Change of uniform (optional)

The Stadium has a small refreshment store on site, as such we are unable to cater any food and beverages ourselves. We recommend that you bring your own picnic lunch along. You are, of course, welcome to purchase refreshments from the provider at the Stadium.

7:45 am - Children to assemble at the Upper Sport Field for registration.

8:15 am - Buses depart SJII

8:45 am - Arrival at Stadium

9:00 am - Welcome by Principal

9:10 am - Opening Ceremony

9:30 am - Let the games begin!

1:00 pm - Presentation and closing of the games

1:30 pm - Bus departs stadium to return to School

2:00 pm - Classroom activities

3:00 pm - Dismissal

3:10 pm - CCA's

St. Joseph's Institution International Elementary School