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Check out these AWESOME books!

Usborne Books are award-winning books that capture a child's imagination and interest. Whether you look forward to educating your kids on the wonders of the world, or just want to them to keep them a quiet for a while, you are going to love what you see!

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Special skills/Development

Kids are constantly developing new skills as they grow (even the big kids), and books are a major influence on those important life skills. Take a peek at some of the books we suggest to support developing things like fine motor, comprehension, language, speech, and the love of reading!!special‐skils/h715m


Check out this album called 'If Your Reader Enjoys'. It is categorized by interest! Feel free to share the album with your kids to find out which titles get them excited to read! Post their selections below for a party prize entry!!blank/jqsy2

Check out these great books

If you have younger children in your life share this story with them. Here is Author Jez Alborough reading The Gobble Gobble Moo Tractor Book

If you have older readers in your life, share with them a Tiny Teaser from our Kane Miller Books.‐teasers.html

Interactive and innovative books

At Usborne Books and More, what we do better than ANYONE else is interactive and unique books that keep kids engaged while learning!!!

Innovative & Interactive Books

Read Aloud!

We all know reading and literacy is important!! Did you know that studies show reading levels tend to drop off after 4th grade?! WHY?! Well, this is the point when most parents stop reading ALOUD to their children! Children should be read aloud to until they leave home!

Check out these great reasons to read with your child

1. When you read with your children, you bond with them. You are cuddled up and cozy on the couch; reading together is pleasurable.

2. You can be a reading role model! Kids model our behavior, and when a child sees YOU reading, it shows that it is something fun and important to do throughout your life, not just something you “have to” do.

3. When you read to your kids it is filling them with knowledge. Children develop a stronger vocabulary and more sophisticated language structures when they are read to. Children understand at a higher level than they, themselves are able to read, so you can introduce your child to MORE books and language through reading aloud! It also helps them to develop and strengthen the imaginative processes in their brain! Pick books that YOU will enjoy reading and they will enjoy hearing :)

Essential books for your home library

From infant through middle and high school, Usborne Books & More offers a huge range of books to keep your bookshelf full of learning and fun! This video goes youngest to oldest, so those of you shopping for kids ages 6+, HANG in there or skip to 3:45 in the video.

Home Library Essentials
Shine-a-Light Books

Great Specials and Sales

OUR BEST WAY TO SAVE: Book your own Facebook party! If your wish list is long, do yourself and your friends a favor and book a party.

Customer Specials: Get 2 of these awesome deals for every $40 in books you purchase. GREAT way to save while stocking up on gifts and for filling your home library shelves!

Collections: You can split up the books for different kids or give the whole shebang to someone for an easy gift! Can’t decide on your favorite? Get the collection and get a good deal!

Ok, so ONE MORE way to save, but you actually make money on this one! We are hoping that there are many of you who are passionate about literacy and want a rewarding home business! We are looking for more people just like you (who love books and come to book parties)!

Shopping Time!

BOOK SHOPPING TIME! Click this link and you will enter Sarah's online book party! I am only an email away to answer questions and offer recommendations…

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