Judge Me Not

Slogan: Free to Be Me!


Paragraph describing my utopia. What's it all about? Who should be involved? What are some of the major laws or ideas guiding the community? Where is it located? What does it look like?

Reason for Existence (4a)

Paragraph describing why my utopia exists.

Community Members (4b)

Paragraph describing and complimenting the people who should join my utopia.

American Dreams and Novels (4c)

Paragraph describing how my utopia shares the values of the American Dream and how it connects to a story we've looked at this year.

Comparison to Fahrenheit 451 (4d)

Paragraph comparing and contrasting my utopia with the book. Includes IN-DEPTH descriptions and rich details.

Disclaimer (5a-e)

Paragraph describing problems, drawbacks, etc.

Home of the Happy People

Contact us about how to join our utopian community. No matter who you are, we will love you!