The Babylonian Captivity

By: Emilee and Amaleah

Before Babylon Conquers

Israel and Judah had a tribute with Assyria, hoping to keep them from being conquered.

tribute - peace money paid by a weaker power to a strong power.

Assyria invaded capital of Israel(Samaria), and broke the tribute. Judah stayed and resisted Assyria for another 150 years before being destroyed as well.

Babylonians Conquer

Babylonians conquered Judah and Assyrian empires. Lead by King Nebuchadnezzar, they also conquered Syria and ancient Palestine. He conquered Jerusalem twice, finally fell in 586 B.C. and destroyed Solomon's temple.

In 539 B.C. Persian King Cyrus the Great conquered Babylon. The next the year 40,000 exiles came back to Jerusalem to rebuild the temple. 515 B.C. the temple was completed. Walls of Jerusalem were also rebuilt in 445 B.C.




Ancient Palestine and destiny of the Jewish.

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